2020-08/25 report of my injury(ENG ver.)


Hello.  This time, I will report on the my injuries.

At first, I didn’t know what caused the injury or what was the best way to get a full recovery.

But I knew that memos were useful in moving things forward, so I always wrote memos what happened and what I thought at that time.

I couldn’t find the cause for a long time.
No visible abnormality, no abnormalities on CT/MRI.

This time, we asked a sports doctor who is also active in the St etienne loire DN1 team to consult me, and the policy was finally decided based on the data and the current situation.

Although there was no abnormality on MRI and CT (rather beautiful), it seems that there is a left-right difference when you touch the body in detail, which is the cause of the badness.

There was no action to hit the body my life, but I think that one of the causes is the high intensity training by HT and a lot of core training.

I will try to adjust the body left and right in order to observe whether all muscles function normally and the pain of the intercostal muscles, which is a heavy burden, is reduced.

If the effect is fully visible, it will be continued, and if the effect is weak, it will be shifted to Mesotherapy treatment.

While the pain symptom is alleviating, I will incorporate LSD as training and regain the base.

I think that if I can run for a long time, I can go one step further and restore high strength.

Finally, we would like to thank tom bossis, clement ceyret, and the people involved in vc corbas for their hard work in translation and procedure. I think I couldn’t do anything by myself. Thank you.