【report】2019-03/09 ~ 10 La multipole (English)


la multipole

etape 1

105km/ 735m↑
result 25eme

Today,I can’t keep front of peloton the first time. I wanted to go front this time, but I didn’t well. This cause is I think not enough experience in France race. (I had good experience in etape 1. so this thing improve in etape 3.)
I have a good feeling. I can following attack of other team in middle-last time.but didn’t decided escape. And I couldn’t join on the completed escape groupe(Hugo join groupe). this thing I’m frustrated (sad), I required improvement.
after, I following second attack of other team. but didn’t make second group. We stay front of peloton.
in the final,I start sprint in front of peloton.(6-9th) as a result I finish 25th. I think this result was so bad. but I have many good experience. this is impossible get in japan.

etape 2 TTT 6th

14km / av 48.5km/h

I feel good, but I didn’t get win. I think want to make faster speed. We can it. and I can lead a more long time. I have confused very little. becaus I have try TTT experence in once practice only. My movement was not perfect. but Flo,Hugo, Christophe,Cyril were help me (used English). I can understand Droit , Gauche , aller! etc very very easy french now. this things must need improve.
I think there was no big mistakes. this is good.

etape 3 43th

110km / 1039m↑

etape 3 is decided very early attack. I improve potitioning by etepe 1 experience. I stay top of front anytime. I see almost every attack.
I had idea, I think not decided early attack this time. and joun Christphe and Cyril. I stay front of peloton. because I prepared for counter attack when catch a escape grupe.
but this idea was not the best. because we are not leader team. we needed attack. I should be join escape with Christophe and Cyril.this is best.
my idea effective only leader team. I was too cautious.big misstakes. I has been demanded to use brain. I want improve.

I enjoy 2 days. I have many first experience. thanks to teammate , assistant. I didn’t have stressful. no problem. I sad only my result.
merci beaucoup.

3/11 hiryu kayama